Exterior: 10” H X 18” W X 14” D
Interior: 9 7/8” H X 17 3/4” W X 12 5/8” D

Interior Specs
Interior Space: 1.2 Cubic Feet
Weight: 35lbs
Shelving: 1


Exterior: 7” H X 15” W X 10” D
Interior: 6 7/8” H X 14 3/4” W X 7 5/8” D

Interior Specs
Interior Space: 0.4 Cubic Feet
Weight: 25lbs


Type: Card-Swipe Electronic Lock

Operate using the keypad or card swipe Card swipe accepts almost any card with a magnetic strip LED display shows the status of your safe Battery Operated [4AA Batteries Required; not included] Concealed emergency key system [2 Keys Included] Hotel function style locking system that manages itself Wrong code penalty

Card Swipe
Accepts almost any card with a magnetic strip (i.e., driver’s license, credit card, club card, etc.) Operate safe using the keypad or the card swipe

Hotel Function
This style locking system manages itself

LCD Display
Large, easy to read display Set Date & Time

Lock-Out Mode
If 4 incorrect codes are entered in a row, the Lock-out Mode will trigger for a period of 15 minutes.

Viewing Log
Allows you to view how the safe was accessed by which code, method [card, code, override code, etc.] & what time it was opened

Override Functions
Allows you to access the safe using an Override Card or the Override Key